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Info for beekeepers


Liberty County Beekeepers 101 basic beekeeping & safety

The beeginner's Box was a series of artical written for publication in the Texas Beekeeper Association's newsletter. Here are those articles that are geared towards beginners.

Beeginners Box 1 - New beekeeper 101 Safety

Beeginners Box 2 - Terms

Beeginners Box 3 - Honeybee Races

Beeginners Box 4 - Frames and foundation

Beeginners Box 5 - Bee Space

Beeginners Box 6 - Bee Involved and record keeping

Beeginners Box 7 - Season wrap-up

Beeginners Box 1 through 7 - if you want all 7 issues in one doc.

Additional resources

Texas Beekeeping Laws- A summery of Laws, rules and regulations of Texas. This four page article tries to cover most of what a new, hobbist, or small time beekeepers should know about bee laws in Texas.

Selling honey in Texas - info from the Texas Department of Health Services.

Liberty County Agriculture Qualifications. This is the Qualifications for an Ag Exemption published by Liberty County Appraisal District. It shows the "Degree of Intesity" required to qualify for tax reduction on agricultural property. It does list beekeeping.

Beekeeping as a Texas Ag Exemption -update Spring of 2013. This artical explains the status of beekeeping as an agricultural tax exemption for various counties in Texas. Only about half the county appraisal districts in Texas have adopted guidelines for beekeeping qualification.

Langstroth on the Hive and The Honey Bee_-Audio Book 408 Meg file

more links to come....