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Links to other beekeeping sites

For your convenience, listed below are links to value information about beekeeping, other beekeeping organizations, and bee related service providers.

Texas Apiary Inspection Service—statutes dealing with honey bees, forms for permits to move bees, sending bee samples for identification, etc.

Texas State Bee Removal Permit Application—state permit application form for beekeepers to remove bees from structures.

Texas A&M University Honey Bees— Honey bee information site. FAQs, disease and parasite information.

Texas A&M University Honey Bee Lab— Honey bee lab information site

Texas Apiary Inspection Service list of Permited bee removers.

Beekeeping Associations:

Texas Beekeepers Association—Contains listing of member beekeeping associations in the State of Texas.

American Beekeeping Federation—national association for beekeepers

Harris County Beekeepers

Houston Beekeepers

Brazoria County Beekeepers

Fort Bend Beekeepers

Montgomery Beekeepers

Here is a map showing the beekeeping groups in the greater houston area:They pull members from areas much larger then the green circle represent. the green circles are centered on where they meet.

Additional resources—Cornell University Honey Bee Studies website. Contains an extensive set of links to beekeeping information, including U. S. standards for grades of extracted honey and comb honey and just overall beekeeping resources.—The magazine of American beekeeping. Lots of great beekeeping articles, on-line bookstore and much more.

The Guide to Beekeeping for Adults and Kids - Great website with many links to information about honey bees and beekeeping. Website suggested by kids from Daly City, CA enrolled in "Summer Excellence Program"

Beekeeping Equipment, package bees, queens, etc.:

Bentley Bees - Suppling bees(nucs) to members of Liberty County Beekeepers in 2015

B Weaver Apiaries—Apiary located near Navasota, Texas; offers various breeds of bees and queens for sale

Mann Lake Ltd. — beekeeping and candlemaking supplies.

Dadant & Sons, Inc.—Offers a large selection of beekeeping equipment, supplies, and subscription to the American Bee Journal.

Brushy Mountain Bee Farm—Offers a large selection of beekeeping equipment and supplies.—Offers lots of beekeeping supplies, as well as links to websites for purchasing bee queens and packages.

Have a site to suggest?