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Honey Bee swarms and removal

A “Swarm” is a beekeeper term for a ball of honey bees outside – generally in a tree or grouped on another structure.
These are bees that have split from a hive somewhere looking for a new home. Swarms are typically much easier to collect, but not always as you can see in the picture at the right. They are not flying in a hole or inside a wall. There is no honey comb.

A Removal is a process of removing a honey bee colony that has built comb and set-up a home – these often require some type of de-construction to gain access to where the bees are. A proper removal will remove the bees and all the comb/hive associated with the bees. If all the comb is not removed it creates a major pest problem because without the bees to protect the comb, babies and honey, it rots becomes a feeding ground rats, mice, hive beetles, wax moths etc.


What will it cost?

Often newer and starting beekeepers will come collect a swarm for free with in a reasonable travel distance. Tipping them to offset gas and equipment is nice. Generally a removal (cut-out) will cost. This can vary greatly depending on difficulty. Typically it starts at a couple hundred dollars. The State of Texas requires a beekeeper who does removals to be permited. That annual permit, equipment to remove, knowledge, time and travel are quite an investment for the beekeeper who does removals.

These beekeepers are also interested in saving the bees and do not use any chemicals to kill the bees.

Who can I contact about my bees?

Liberty County Beekeepers neither guarantees nor endorses services offered by individuals listed below or any other members. This list is a referral for people with a honey bee problem interested in saving honey bees.

Bee Removals for Liberty and surrounding counties:

Miranda Smart :281-755-7305
David Tanner : 936-334-3337
Dennis Cox: 281-771-6235

SWARM Collection:

Tristan Oliver: 936-776-1398 (Tarkington)
Miranda Smart: 281-755-7305 (Dayton & Liberty County)
Brian Norton: 832-738-6949 (Mont Belvieu)
Rodney Sims: 936-391-5746 (Crosby)